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Ever feel like someone has reached into your brain and made one of your deepest, most wonderful HOMOlicious fantasies into a REALITY?!Because that's EXACTLY what is happening to us right now! With a new album on its way and pretty much the best Twitter page of all time, Cher has made no secret of her plans to make 2013 her bitch, but apparently, she's ready to remind the world that she pulls double duty like no one else…and is set to return to the small screen 40 years after premiered by developing a new pilot for Logo!“He’s totally worthwhile.” ‘Burlesque’ Star Kristen Bell: Cher Made Me Feel So Special She tells me that meeting men has never been easy, though she’s worked hard at it. “Straight men don’t want to come up to you,” she says.

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But you wouldn't know this if you didn't first get through a five-minute-long visual starring Michael B.

“She admits his absence left her not trusting men or their love for her,” an insider revealed.

The moment [it] goes into the phase of more commitment, it changes. ” Those commitment issues may stem from her troubled relationship with father John Sarkisian, whom she didn’t meet until she was 11.

It feels ponderously, ostentatiously self-important. “Famous people pay a price,” she says in her deep, husky voice.

“Their privacy is invaded–things that would never happen to regular people.” Not that Cher, who grew up Cherilyn Sarkisian in a series of California towns, was ever “regular people.” Her childhood, she recalls, was “pretty rocky.

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